Trip Report Tijuana (sex mongering)

I love it when I hit San Diego during the morning time, there’s nothing like jumping off the plane in Cali bright eyed and bushy tale before noon, walking out the airport having the sun hug your body.

So as usual I stuck to my normal routine taking the bus from the airport to the train trolley station, and from there riding the Blue line all the way to San Ysidro  ( the town which borders the city of Tijuana, México ) 

After an hour or so of arriving In Cali, I’m gearing up to cross the border into Mexico, I exchange a little money into pesos, Immigration is a breeze, I always cross without a stitch every single time. Once in Mexico I head over to the  cabs located at the very end of the walk way. 

I get into the first taxi available, and the cabby says to me where are you going? I say to him the name of my favorite hotel on the main strip in the infamous Zona Norte. I then hear my cab driver tell his other cab driver friend, quote “Pussyland”  as he giggles , I found this to be quite amusing as well, I guess it’s a joke amongst the cab drivers whenever they take someone to the naughty parts of Tijuana. 

Five bucks was the damage for the 10 minute ride, I pay the fella and head inside my hotel, check in and go up to my room, look out the window at the view,  yeeeaahhh buddy I’m back in TJ, time to go play with the chicas. 

I shower get fresh and so clean, clean outkast style, make my way outside, searching for a taxi, I find one and I’m off to the red light district, which was only 5 minutes drive, once again I pay five bucks or 100 pesos, you can pay in both currencies or in whichever you have on you, but  I prefer to pay in pesos, just makes everything seem cheaper . 

I exit the cab and I’m on the streets checking out all the eye candy that’s for sale, chica after chica lined up against the wall, ooohh laaa  laaa  laaa , ass and tits everywhere, all going for $20  dollars a pop, though I didn’t see any one that I couldn’t resist at that moment,

So I did what any real man would do, I go inside the world’s greatest titty bar The HONG KONG GENTLEMENS CLUB to unwind, proud to be entering these great chambers once again. 

I take a seat on the second level, which is where I love being most of the time, you can look down at the strippers shake their ass and plenty of chicas walk by you showing off their incredible bodies. 

As I’m enjoying the free show of the meat market two young ladies come over to me and say Hi baby, the usually hooker vocabulary Hola , want go with me? Or something quite aggressive to arouse your curiosity about fucking them,  I’m in the club 5 or 10 minutes and I already have two gorgeous light skinned petite mamacitas wanting to take my load, for a nominal fee of course. 

I negotiate with the girls a little as they were asking me $100 each, to which I responded  $80 a piece for a trio (trio=threesome in Spanish) the chicas took 5 seconds in deciding as $80 beats nothing any day of the week, we take off and go outside and to the hotel next door I pay my hooker tax to the doormen, as they want $1 tip whenever you take out a girl from the club, I don’t know why ? But hey I’m never going to let a dollar stop me from getting a   piece of ass ever. 

Now the second ransom has to be paid, the infamous hotel fee, which is around $15 bucks, so after paying it the  cashier hands us some condoms and says which room number we can use, and we are off once again to the final destination, we make it inside the room, and clothes start to come off. 

Out of the two girls one was definitely more talkative, as the other was more shy then her more aggressive friend, I had no real issue with this at the time, Now that the party is getting started, I instruct the girls to play with each other considering this was my main focus for a threesome to primarily just watch them have sex, suck  boobies and spank each other, you know? The usual freaky stuff, but nope, that’s not what I got. 

The chicas were stiff as rocks with each other, barely touching, but all while giggling uncontrollably , this is when I realized these bitches tricked me, they aren’t bisexual at all, and are really fucking grossed out by touching each other, to the point they can’t help but to laugh as it’s comical to them regarding the fact that they are acting, some sort of inside joke, neither the less I say oh well worst case scenario is that I just get to screw two whores without getting to see my lesbian fantasies. 

Eventually the chica who was more aggressive slightly got on my nerves because she would kill my mood, demanding I change condoms every time I wanted to play with the other chica,  oh my gosh. I wasn’t very happy first off, they lied to me about my threesome fantasy with 2 dime chicks being that they are not bisexual but on top of that, secondly, they have too many rules for me. 

I practically just got my dick sucked and called it quits, one of the girls asked if I wanted more time and they was willing to stay until I busted my nut but I refused, and just left. Damage was damn near $200 for an okay blowjob but if I could do it again, I would definitely have taken just the shy girl and left the other one behind.  

All in all, it was an okay time for my first round at buying pussy for the night.  after shaking the two mamacitas lose I headed back to the streets for a street hooker and this time I found one leaning against the wall that gave me a great screw thankfully at last a nut to send me to sleep. THE END jajajaja 

My first experience with a Hooker (Expose on why guys have sex with prostitutes)

Society states that guys who have to pay for sex are those that can’t acquire it in the real world, to whom are losers, fat slobs and pathetic dorks, so what chick would give up their a$$ for these types, if any? 

Women want confidence, charisma, alongside a fit physique and good looks, the confidence part alone eliminates the majority of beta males who are in a constant state of vagina starvation. 

If you can’t beat em join em, goes the old saying, and as such applies here in this scenario, giving men a solution for their dilemma, the choice of offering money in exchange for sex. The great equalizer, a women’s best friend “hard cold cash”, want to get between a woman’s legs? Break out your wallet, and open sesame, tah-dah a vagina buffet presents itself to you. 

So, what’s the problem with paying for what you want? No robbery in a fair exchange & scholars claim prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, I mean before there was any industry at all, sex was a hot commodity. No one really accepts hookers in American society,so this is the problem and it’s not exactly the easiest topic to bring up at the dinner table, hey guys “I Bang hookers, pass the peas.   “

What’s a man to do when he has needs but also is terrible with the ladies? He is going to head to the streets in search of the women of the night, gaining a glimpse into the life of his more dominant and successful counterpart, the Alpha Male, whom devours women at the whim of his own discretion. 

Some guys have no problem pulling women into bed, Alphas being at the top of the pile, as they are in high demand amongst women, you’ve heard it a million times , good guys finish last and this is probably the saddest most pathetic fact in the world regarding dating or male/female relations. 

Your either too damn good, or your too damn nice & girls hate this and will never give their pussy to this caliber of men, when a woman can control a man, she loses respect for him, lowering the attraction level, chicas want guys that other girls want, no woman wants a guy that can’t upgrade and ditch her at will. 

But Where’s Mr. Nice guy going to go, if his girlfriend  starts disrespecting him , it’s not like he is a Casanova with an awesome personality that can sweep any woman off their feet with plenty of options, hence the reason girls don’t want a guy that other chicks don’t want, it’s a huge red flag , girls definitely know when you’re a lame and you can’t hide it ever. 

After reaching their whit’s end sick and tired of rejection & lack of getting laid,  guys will more than likelygo in search of his first hooker, trolling classified ads or perhaps a bar.  

I can recall my first hooker I tried to buy some ass from,  she had a ad  listed on back page,  very provocative showing off all the goodies , I decided to text her to set up an appointment, after doing so I drive to the hotel and knock on the door for a minute or two, as I could hear someone inside the room but for some reason she wasn’t answering the door, I decided to text her and see what was up? She responds to me saying ok come back and I’ll let you in. 

I go in the room and she begins to explain to me that while observing me from the peep hole she thought I seemed to have a very intimidating persona in the way I carried myself and she didn’t know if I was a going to be a good trick for her or a hoodlum, I take it with a grain of salt, being stoked that I’m about to bang  a chick that under normal circumstances I could ever fuck. 

She wasn’t very pretty, sort of hideous looking, borderline ugly or unattractive but she might as well have been a super model, because my penis didn’t know the difference between her and a video vixen hip hop model, I was all in, and none out. 

The back-page hooker proceeds to go to the bathroom to washup an I begin to pull out my penis trying to get it hard, I seemed to always have a problem getting hard in front of girls, which was very odd considering I was a chronic masturbator and had no issue getting hard by myself, go figure. 

So as a stoke my private parts trying to erect myself, nothing seemed to work properly, the more I wiggled, giggled and shook my penis, it just jumped around like a wet noodle, I CAN’T GET HARD! I think to myself, so how am I going to bang my first prostitute if I aint got a hard dick to fuck her with?  

So, Problem solved kind of, as she looks at me trying to wake up the  “little guy” and reaches her hand over the condom, touching my wheenie in the process, BOOM! We have take off.

I HAD AN ORGASM THE SECOND SHE TOUCHED MY DICK, the first time in my life and last, I ever came from a chick just touching my penis , goshhhh was I embarrassed, 3-minute man would have been a nice title to have, as I was the one second man, literally coming after one second of sexual contact. 

The funny part is when I go to tell her sorry, give me a second and I’ll be ready to have sex with you, the hooker being the businesswoman she is, tells me she charges $160 for each session, put simply I now owe her $160 and that second nut is extremely far from free? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, my first hooker charged me $160 for touching my penis? SH!t did I hate hookers this day, I handed her the money all $160 in 20 dollar bills. 

Once in my car I contemplated trying another hooker, whom was a little cheaper around $100 but i took it on the chin and cancelled any more whore chasing for that week. 

Down but not out, after recouping the money I lost, I saved up a nice little pay for play bankroll, this time a different service provider caught my eye, and she only wanted $60 dollars, long story short this went a little better than the first skeezer. 

So, in conclusion on prostitution is that it’s here to stay and I’ll be here with it! Good luck with your first hooker 

How I lost 20k to a Dominican Goldigger

Goldiggers are never worth it 

The biggest threat to the sex mongering lifestyle is the dread full day you might end up falling in love with a whore/prostitute. I’ve done it, along with thousands of other (sex tourists). 

You meet a young lady, she’s awesome, sexy and checks all of your boxes, until the day comes when she starts hitting you up for money,

which in most cases starts very light with $30 or $40 dollars every couple of weeks but will soon swell to $1k a month and beyond quickly. 

Forbid, you ever tell the girl NO!,  all hell will break loose, as she proceeds  to telling you the relationship is finished if you do not give in to her demands, classic mind games at its finest,

Its damn near pointless to even start a  romance with a hooker, no matter the chemistry or first impressions, as soon this bullshit front will fade, and her true slutty colors will begin to show. 

I fell in love with my first hooker in Sosua,D.R. years ago in the infamous “Rumbas” bar, deemed the go-to party destination for all horny foreigners who visit the city in seek of sex. 

The bar really started to feed my sexual appetite as each night passed I took a new young lady back to my place for some hanky panky,

but one day I was sitting in the bar and a thin beautiful girl kept staring at me, kinda making me a bit nervous,

I continuously ignored her advances and tried to keep my hands glued to my drink, avoiding any awkward eye contact. 

As time passed , It dawned on me that I either need to make contact with this girl and say hello or take my chances and wind up going back home without someone to have sex with, OF course that latter wasn’t an option and I waived at the gal to come over to my table, she sat , we chatted , her broken English plus my broken Spanish, I cut the small talk, made my offer to her of what I was willing to pay for her time, she agrees , we go to my place , screw, and say our goodbyes. 

Throughout the course of 3 weeks, I made time to see her whenever she would come to town, and we would head to my place for more screwing , I really enjoyed her company,

I thought she was the most amazing girl of my life, the way  she walked , talked, and carried herself had me in aww, but the time came for me to leave the Dominican Republic and get back to the States, so I do so. 

Fast forward a few weeks after I’m back in the USA, the young lady and I continue our little fling through WhatsApp messenger,

where I used google translator to conduct all my converting of English to Spanish, but there is one topic that never needs to be translated and that’s whenever people talk about M. O. N.E. Y  (yup money)

she begin to hit me up for money , stating that she was hungry and didn’t want to return to her former life of prostitution in order to get the cash she was in need of. 

I reluctantly decide to go ahead and send her the money, asking well” how much Is it? She states 50 or 80 bucks?

I was blown away at the small amount, thinking she would go higher and start at $500 or so, contemplating deep inside of my mind I used this as an excuse, saying to myself she can’t be a goldigger she’s too cheap, to be one, but boy was I WRONG! 

Once the money was sent, she praised and worshiped me, Papi Gracias for the dinero you sent me, may you be blessed and have good fortune, whoaaa I’m an instant super hero for $80 bucks,

I felt good about this, an threw it to the back of my mind, as two more weeks passed by and once again the same thing, Papi give me more money please?

Now by this time I’m really doubting her intentions but I reason with her, asking why did she need more money and she said she ate all the food, which is pretty damn practical answer, and a damn good reason for why a person would need more money. 

I send her money again for the second time, the praises and gratitude followed, I felt like a super hero once again, over time the cycle continued we would talk, flirting, exchanging photos, with a dash of me sending her money sprinkled in between. 

In conclusion: Over the course of 3 years I lost well over $20,000 (twenty grand) getting suckered by this woman, it got to the point to where I knew all the people at western union by first name basis and when I didn’t send money for 1 week the cashier would ask me where ya been? 

No man wants to admit to falling in love with a hooker let alone admit to sending money to them but it’s something that must be addressed and corrected. Love is never sold and it damn sure can’t be bought either, I learned the hard way.  MORAL OF THE STORY – NEVER DATE A PROSTITUTE. 

Don’t Go To Sosua ( it’s not worth it anymore)

Sosua is ruined for good, BYE BYE  TO THE SOOOUUU

 My thoughts on what F##ked up Sosua

In the past Sosua was a little-known secret amongst Brothas who enjoy leaving the matrix for pleasure & sun on foreign soil. Thus, being nicknamed The Black Men’s Paradise has attracted fellas from all different walks of life,  guys from L.A. all the way to New York City flocked to the destination as the word got around and one by one cats started jumping on planes to see firsthand what thy hype was all about. 

Myself I can recall my first time going to Sosua years ago, I was in shock regarding the willingness and openness of the culture, girls galore on call to

satisfy a men’s needs, chicas everywhere giving themselves up sexually for money, a few bucks can grant you access to a night of passion. 

Hence sex tourism is the primary commodity offered in this  town, the saying goes” visitors provide the cash and the locals provide their bodies”,

In saying this I should also say that prostitution is legal in the Dominican Republic therefor giving money for sex breaks zero laws and no one judges you for it. 

Aside from shaming sosua for its perverted male tourists, some will tell you that the town has more to offer then just the bang for bucks scene.

 Sosua is also host to a lively main strip with clubs on every corner, combined with the most amazing beach on the island called sosua beach, making it the ideal place for relaxation mixed with a dash of sin. 

 WARNING: The following paragraphs are harsh on you FRESHMEN! 

In recent times the town has been receiving tons of YouTube media attention, a million dudes and their Granddad’s have a channel dedicated to various topics on sosua .

The over exposure of sosua has led to its downfall, too many clowns have gotten ahold of this gem of a city, prices are going up, chicas are extorting guys and pulling shit on the tourist that was unheard of in the past. 

Going to sosua one time does not make you an expert on sosua, and you are not the brand ambassador for all the brothers who visit, the trash that swept into town is disgusting, not only are the clowns bringing sosua down but now there is also an influx of American and Canadian female whenches who are also ruining what we have built, trying to turn sosua into the next Cabarete. 

Nowadays it seems everyone wants a piece of Sosua & rumors have been circulating that in the near future the government has plans to turn the area into something less risky and more family orientated making it one step closer to being inclusive to all walks of life, which will bring in more dollars for the greedy Dominican government. 

 Sosua was once a chocolate city catering to the brothers (black men) from America, though today, you can kiss that idea goodbye, brothers really need to look beyond sosua towards Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata of even outside of the DR all together for a place like Tijuana, in conclusion: stick a fork in SOSUA, SHES DONE! 

Why I love mexican prostitutes

It’s no surprise that I’m a former sex tourist if your familiar with this blog by any chance, you probably already knew this, my point here is that I’ve travelled the world seeking to devour women sexually in my past. In the world of pay for play sex, girls come in two categories, pure prostitute and the second class is the world-famous girlfriend experience. 

The majority of men in the lifestyle seek out GFE the girlfriend experience whereas you and the woman make love of some sorts compared to the straight bang job you get from most hookers, it’s more romance and connection involved with this form of prostitution, as a normal hooker wont kiss you but the GFE will, a normal hooker won’t spend the night with you but the GFE of course will at the right price, as nothing is free but the customer service is greatly increased. 

The GFE HOOKER gains many advantages in pretending to be madly in love with the “John” she earns the privilege of being bought gifts and having bills paid by the “trick” sometimes without the presence of sex. 

Mexican women are by far the best in the business at the GFE I’ve come across in my travels, my problems with Mexican women have always been minimal to none, the culture of the Mexicana is quite submissive to the man and she gets hot & extremely passionate in the bedroom. 

From their character as humans to their muy Bonita asses and Grande tits hands down by far they are the number one in respects to giving a man pleasure sexually along with a dose of the girlfriend experience intertwined. 

Considering the sex drive of Mexican women is a healthy one indeed from my research and I’ve done a lot of fucking research (pun intended) in Tijuana in my days, as each time I visit I totally left drained and satisfied as it is now one of my top destinations among many in the world. 

I am dumbfounded whenever I hear guys among the sex mongering forums and other places online talking disparagingly against the body shape of Mexican women, as the stereotype of Mexican women is that they aren’t shaped well? Compared to Dominicans or Brazilians but boy is this a huge falsehood, not only are Mexican women great people and lovers, they also have some of the roundest juiciest bodies on the planet that can get any man into the mood. 

So that answers the question for my top pick of which hookers offer the highest rate of satisfaction guaranteed, simply put Mexican whores rock! 

The cost of hookers in zona norte Tijuana

So, are the bar girls in Tijuana more expensive then the street chicas? HELL YUP!

Yes, they are. In short, the hookers in the clubs will run from $50-$100, with Tijuana’s’ most Infamous Hong Kong Gentlemens Club being the costliest, where the chicas are asking for $100 dollars out the gate and refusing to negotiate, if at all very little (they might knock of 20$ bucks, making it $80 dollars). 

Although to their credit (Hong Kong Gentlemens ‘Club) have some of the most beautiful, & fantastic looking young ladies in all of Mexico working there and money will be very well spent if you choose to do so & practically a bargain compared to the United states, whereas the same type of girl will run you $300+ in Los Angeles.

Word from the wise, don’t spend all your whore mongering dollars in one location, because there are a few more spots   offering a better ‘Bang for your Buck’. My favorite strip club is Club Chicago which is located on the opposite side of the street of the more popular locations.  

Quick description: Club Chicago is a medium size strip joint, more often than not quite packed with numerous ladies walking around in skimpy dental floss underwear showing off what their mamas gave them, A legit eye candy paradise.  

Sex is cheaper in Club Chicago, the going rate is $50-60 bucks to take a girl out of this establishment for sex, and I’m talking about 8’s, 9’s, & plenty of 10’s.  So what exactly makes this club so special, is that the layout is a one level, rectangular shaped atmosphere, allowing you to keep your eyes on 20 plus girls at once and you won’t miss a glimpse at nothing, never. 

Of course, there are more places to test out but I’ll leave that for your private exploration, in conclusion I would advise you start your journey at Hong Kong and take it to Chicago right afterwards, kind of like more “the calm after the storm” effect, Let Hong Kong be your Tequila, and Club Chicago be your chaser. 

I was held hostage in Tijuana (sort of)

If you have ever gone to Tijuana for some hanky-panky, you already know it’s the begging capital of the world, everyone from the homeless to the handicapped, mentally ill and all the dope addicted zombies will beg you for some spare change, it’s unreal but its reality. 

This isn’t a real big issue for me as sometimes I give a dollar, & sometimes I don’t, though I prefer not to give because soon afterward they will take your kindness for weakness if you are just giving them money too freely. 

With all this being said, there is a more sinister type of individual you must look out for beyond the beggars and it’s the age old “hustler” commonly a Mexican deportee who speaks pretty good English and has been sent back to Mexico for some type of criminal violation committed back in the States.   

I had the unfortunate opportunity of meeting such a guy, yayy me (sarcasm), so thus the encounter all started after I had tried my debit card multiple times on the atm at the entrance of a strip club to no avail it doesn’t work, so I left disappointed that I wasn’t going to get any “lady cakes for the night”( lady cakes=sex in my psycho mind  lol)

 So I decide to walk home to my hotel which was 10 minutes from The Strip Club I was at, three steps in the journey MR. Hola greets me and says hello bro what are you looking for ? An I’m like oh nothing I’m just going home for the night, he’s insisting to me he can show me around an find a girl for me, I refuse once again, by saying no thanks I’ve been there done that for the night.  

Incredibly somehow he quickly persuades me into conversating with him as we are by this time walking and talking for about  5 minutes I begin to lose track of where I was going and when I realized he was leading me into the opposite direction of my hotel , I kindly noted to him hey guy, I’ll get back with you some other time, which made him reply to me by saying I want to show you where you can exchange money for free, it’s really better than all the other places and you will be able to get better prices with the chicas, so like an idiot I’m curious about this cool little secret money exchange center. 

I proceed to follow him for another 5 mins or so, altogether we had been walking for a good 20 minutes and I was completely lost as now we were in the non-tourist section of Tijuana  an area where the locals go about their daily lives thus dawning on me I’m now on his territory as I’ve removed myself far from the safety of the tourism center and on top of that its starting to get really late at night around midnight or so an that definitely didn’t help the situation at all and just added to my confusion and despair. 

The fella feeds me tall tale after tall tale telling me how his God Father owns one of the biggest strip joints in town , which comes off quite sketchy making me wonder to myself, why does it feel like this guy is trying to hustle me?,though never the less  we  continue walking making a few stops in between on our journey, the  first of which was to ask a lady working at a cornerstore restaurant the current Mexican/US currency exchange  rate was? After she tells him he says  ok now let’s go to my family’s pharmacy where there is an exchange center in the back, 

At this point I’m like I really don’t give 2 or even 1 FUCKS anymore, let’s just get the currency exchanged so I can go home and get to sleep,but his energy started to change once he asked me “how much money do you have on you” uhhhh ohhhh Mr. Hola apparently forgot the scammer code book’s rule #1 which is to know how much money you can steal before you try stealing it,

so I opened my wallet and counted in front him , because by this point I really didn’t give a flying shit if something bad was going to happen to me, $30 bucks even I say to him, while explaining that , the purpose of me coming out that night was to go to the atm to withdraw money and that’s why I was where I was when we first met. 

MR. Hola starts telling me that the bank placed a block on my card and I Should call and have that removed so I can get more money, (NO SHIT SHIRLOCK) I say to him yup good idea I’ll do that tomorrow. 

The scariest part of it all. 

We finally make it to this weird looking place , which was like an outdoor mall with a staircase , extremely isolated away from the street and basically in an alley  in the middle of Tijuana, something just didn’t feel right about this, and that’s when the guy says to me stay here at the bottom of the stairs I’m going to go uphere and exchange the money for you,& I’m like wow! all of a sudden that we arrive here its now a secret location, and I cant follow in behind you? I oblige sitting at the bottom of the staircase, I wait for like 2 minutes when something inside of me said “RUN MOTHA FUCKA RUN, GET YO SHIT AND GO” so I listened to that voice in my head and started sprinting out of this place. 

I’m back on the street lost and on high alert I flagged down the first taxi I find and off  to my hotel , I was super nervous  perhaps the guy was in pursuit of me, maybe he was going to get more guys to torture and rob me some more, I didn’t and still to this day don’t know what this incident was all about, but when you don’t feel right about something, don’t second guess yourself and get the fuck to safety, Thankfully IM OK! – THE END! 

Kidnapped by The Mexican Mafia? (real trip report)

Trip Report [Tijuana 2018] 

Heading into Tijuana after leaving immigration I was feeling awesome, there’s nothing quite like that walk out of Mexican immigration to find a taxi headed for Pussyland (Tijuana slang for the Red-light district where prostitution is tolerated). 

I made a Rookie mistake from being exhausted, while entering into Mexico a guy asked me if I wanted a taxi, saying to me “taxi amigo, taxi’?
though initially he appeared normal at first I didnt have the energy to focus in on red flags.

Stupidly I responded saying Yes why, not? and this was a big mistake, never the less he then directs me to his car which was parked in an alley, extremely sketchy scenario. The lights flash a couple of times as he hit the button from the key fob which made me feel a little bit better, we approach the car get inside, off to Zona Norte. 

Getting a feel for his driving skills soon struck a thought into my head, “Oh sh#t this dude is nuts”, he is texting while driving, speeding, alongside with taking his hands off the wheel numerous times, Oh lord what have I done? Is this the way it ends for me? American man dies in a Mexican car crash while on a sex vacation? That would make for a pretty Raunchy obituary. 

Luckily for me that wasn’t the case, but I had a bigger issue to worry about, which was NOT GETTING ROBBED? DIOS MIO, the fella looks at me and says 100 dollars for the taxi ride? So, I say 100 pesos? Right, he said no, sorry one hundred dollars. 

CRAP! I am in a tough spot stuck inside a car with a guy who is insisting on charging me $100 for a $5 ride, I knew I was getting screwed being that the legit taxi cab drivers only charge $5 bucks for the same 10 minute trip, I couldn’t believe the BULLS#T he was trying to pull on me,but the scariest part of it all was when he kept saying over and over to me “I don’t work for myself, I have to pay my boss , THE MAFIAOSO?”  and I’m Like come again? The mafia? And he’s like yup I’m an employee of the Mexican mafia and my boss will be really angry if I don’t meet my quota. 

After the mafia talk I became quite motivated to pay my overpriced tab, as I started to look into my wallet and pockets for what money I had on me I showed him 50 dollars in Mx pesos (1000 pesos=50 bucks) and he’s like no, not enough? So, I reach into my pocket again and add a 20-dollar American bill alongside it, and he said OK “that’s fine” with a smirk on his corrupt little douche bag face. 

The worst part of this mini Kidnapping was that the son of a BITCH had the nerve to drop me off on the wrong street blocks from my hotel, saying walk over there and you will find it? I literally wanted to choke this dude, but I was too excited to get ‘THE FUCK OUT OF THE CAR’ as I knew it was all over and the drama was done…. (never use a freelance taxi, no uniform=no business, and only go with yellow and white/orange taxis, which are regulated) 

Getting from the San Diego Airport to Tijuana (Zona Norte) Cheaply…

I will cover how to get to (Zona Norte, Tijuana, Mexico.. )

Tijuana is the bordering city directly across from San Diego, CA and has a lot to offer for the single male tourist looking for a good time. 

Cheap hotels, lots of beer, strip clubs and more importantly a “ PUSSY PARADISE” 

Lets now explain how to get to this magical place? first things first book your tickets to San Diego, if that’s done? 

 Step two is as follows:  Taking the bus to the trolley. 

Exit the airport and head to the far left perimeter of the building (There’s a million TSA security guards, if losted ask one of them where are the city busses.)  from here you want to take the number #992 from the airport to The City College station , once arrived here you will need to  jump onto the train  labeled “BLUE LINE TO SAN YSIDRO”. 


Be sure to ride this train until the very last stop at which point all passengers will be ordered off, So now your almost in Mexico but just not quite yet. 


 You’ve arrived in San Diego, took the bus from the airport to the City college trolley station, jumped onto the BLUE LINE train TO SAN YSIDRO, & now just arriving at the border, Cool your all caught up! 

Ok so where do you go now? That’s an easy question, just follow the  Mexican locals following the crowd, you will see numerous people walking to the far end of the street going leftward up  a short hill toward the immigration entry gateway. 

The whole walk is about 10 minutes , once inside ,you will see the Mexican folks go toward the left line dedicated for Mexican citizens and the right line dedicated for non Mexican migrants like you and I,   

Wait your turn to be called, step up to the booth present your Passport and BOOM your IN , – Mission Accomplished.  

Tools needed 

  • Passport ( to gain entry) 
  • Cell phone/ GPS  ( your really going to need Google maps) 
  •  San Diego bus/trolley fare app ( this app is crucial for public transportation) 
Download the app San Diego Bus/Trolley fare app 

What are the prices for chicas in Tijuana?

The NUMBER #1 question asked by newcomers is as follows “whats the going rate for working girls in Tijuana?”  Put simply.  – how much for a ‘bang’ 

~Viva la Putas~

Street Hookers  

They can start as low as $12usd (200 mx pesos)  for basic service (not fully nude) & At the high end a street worker will run you $25, which includes Full nudity,bj, and a fuck. 

Cheat sheet 

$12-$25. USD /  $200-$500 MX Pesos   (street hookers) 

#1 Sh#t to watch for. 

Although the street girls are offering themselves at an hugh discount in comparison to the chicas inside the clubs, you have to remember fellas putas eres putas ( bitches are bitches) and they will hustle you at every chance they get. 

So, first thing you have to watch for is the markup, the chica says one price on the street and once you’ve taken her ass to the Cabana ( Cabana= motel) and start to grabbing at her boobs whilst asking her to show you them  grand’ ole titties she says to you “ sorry fully naked” is more money? 

Yup fully naked sex cost more than half naked sex, which makes no sense but it’s the hustle for many girls in TiJuana, So be sure to ask the chicas before hand if the services will be provided fully naked or will she keep on her bra  before hand. 

Always be direct and clear when speaking to the prostitute by showing them the price you are willing to pay through the currency converter app  (200-500 mx pesos) and ask her if this is ok? once she agrees then proceed to telling her about which sex acts your wanting to receive like anal,bj oral, ect. If she also agrees to this as well , then go bang her – Good Luck.