Don’t Go To Sosua ( it’s not worth it anymore)

Sosua is ruined for good, BYE BYE  TO THE SOOOUUU

 My thoughts on what F##ked up Sosua

In the past Sosua was a little-known secret amongst Brothas who enjoy leaving the matrix for pleasure & sun on foreign soil. Thus, being nicknamed The Black Men’s Paradise has attracted fellas from all different walks of life,  guys from L.A. all the way to New York City flocked to the destination as the word got around and one by one cats started jumping on planes to see firsthand what thy hype was all about. 

Myself I can recall my first time going to Sosua years ago, I was in shock regarding the willingness and openness of the culture, girls galore on call to

satisfy a men’s needs, chicas everywhere giving themselves up sexually for money, a few bucks can grant you access to a night of passion. 

Hence sex tourism is the primary commodity offered in this  town, the saying goes” visitors provide the cash and the locals provide their bodies”,

In saying this I should also say that prostitution is legal in the Dominican Republic therefor giving money for sex breaks zero laws and no one judges you for it. 

Aside from shaming sosua for its perverted male tourists, some will tell you that the town has more to offer then just the bang for bucks scene.

 Sosua is also host to a lively main strip with clubs on every corner, combined with the most amazing beach on the island called sosua beach, making it the ideal place for relaxation mixed with a dash of sin. 

 WARNING: The following paragraphs are harsh on you FRESHMEN! 

In recent times the town has been receiving tons of YouTube media attention, a million dudes and their Granddad’s have a channel dedicated to various topics on sosua .

The over exposure of sosua has led to its downfall, too many clowns have gotten ahold of this gem of a city, prices are going up, chicas are extorting guys and pulling shit on the tourist that was unheard of in the past. 

Going to sosua one time does not make you an expert on sosua, and you are not the brand ambassador for all the brothers who visit, the trash that swept into town is disgusting, not only are the clowns bringing sosua down but now there is also an influx of American and Canadian female whenches who are also ruining what we have built, trying to turn sosua into the next Cabarete. 

Nowadays it seems everyone wants a piece of Sosua & rumors have been circulating that in the near future the government has plans to turn the area into something less risky and more family orientated making it one step closer to being inclusive to all walks of life, which will bring in more dollars for the greedy Dominican government. 

 Sosua was once a chocolate city catering to the brothers (black men) from America, though today, you can kiss that idea goodbye, brothers really need to look beyond sosua towards Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata of even outside of the DR all together for a place like Tijuana, in conclusion: stick a fork in SOSUA, SHES DONE!