Getting from the San Diego Airport to Tijuana (Zona Norte) Cheaply…

I will cover how to get to (Zona Norte, Tijuana, Mexico.. )

Tijuana is the bordering city directly across from San Diego, CA and has a lot to offer for the single male tourist looking for a good time. 

Cheap hotels, lots of beer, strip clubs and more importantly a “ PUSSY PARADISE” 

Lets now explain how to get to this magical place? first things first book your tickets to San Diego, if that’s done? 

 Step two is as follows:  Taking the bus to the trolley. 

Exit the airport and head to the far left perimeter of the building (There’s a million TSA security guards, if losted ask one of them where are the city busses.)  from here you want to take the number #992 from the airport to The City College station , once arrived here you will need to  jump onto the train  labeled “BLUE LINE TO SAN YSIDRO”. 


Be sure to ride this train until the very last stop at which point all passengers will be ordered off, So now your almost in Mexico but just not quite yet. 


 You’ve arrived in San Diego, took the bus from the airport to the City college trolley station, jumped onto the BLUE LINE train TO SAN YSIDRO, & now just arriving at the border, Cool your all caught up! 

Ok so where do you go now? That’s an easy question, just follow the  Mexican locals following the crowd, you will see numerous people walking to the far end of the street going leftward up  a short hill toward the immigration entry gateway. 

The whole walk is about 10 minutes , once inside ,you will see the Mexican folks go toward the left line dedicated for Mexican citizens and the right line dedicated for non Mexican migrants like you and I,   

Wait your turn to be called, step up to the booth present your Passport and BOOM your IN , – Mission Accomplished.  

Tools needed 

  • Passport ( to gain entry) 
  • Cell phone/ GPS  ( your really going to need Google maps) 
  •  San Diego bus/trolley fare app ( this app is crucial for public transportation) 
Download the app San Diego Bus/Trolley fare app