How I lost 20k to a Dominican Goldigger

Goldiggers are never worth it 

The biggest threat to the sex mongering lifestyle is the dread full day you might end up falling in love with a whore/prostitute. I’ve done it, along with thousands of other (sex tourists). 

You meet a young lady, she’s awesome, sexy and checks all of your boxes, until the day comes when she starts hitting you up for money,

which in most cases starts very light with $30 or $40 dollars every couple of weeks but will soon swell to $1k a month and beyond quickly. 

Forbid, you ever tell the girl NO!,  all hell will break loose, as she proceeds  to telling you the relationship is finished if you do not give in to her demands, classic mind games at its finest,

Its damn near pointless to even start a  romance with a hooker, no matter the chemistry or first impressions, as soon this bullshit front will fade, and her true slutty colors will begin to show. 

I fell in love with my first hooker in Sosua,D.R. years ago in the infamous “Rumbas” bar, deemed the go-to party destination for all horny foreigners who visit the city in seek of sex. 

The bar really started to feed my sexual appetite as each night passed I took a new young lady back to my place for some hanky panky,

but one day I was sitting in the bar and a thin beautiful girl kept staring at me, kinda making me a bit nervous,

I continuously ignored her advances and tried to keep my hands glued to my drink, avoiding any awkward eye contact. 

As time passed , It dawned on me that I either need to make contact with this girl and say hello or take my chances and wind up going back home without someone to have sex with, OF course that latter wasn’t an option and I waived at the gal to come over to my table, she sat , we chatted , her broken English plus my broken Spanish, I cut the small talk, made my offer to her of what I was willing to pay for her time, she agrees , we go to my place , screw, and say our goodbyes. 

Throughout the course of 3 weeks, I made time to see her whenever she would come to town, and we would head to my place for more screwing , I really enjoyed her company,

I thought she was the most amazing girl of my life, the way  she walked , talked, and carried herself had me in aww, but the time came for me to leave the Dominican Republic and get back to the States, so I do so. 

Fast forward a few weeks after I’m back in the USA, the young lady and I continue our little fling through WhatsApp messenger,

where I used google translator to conduct all my converting of English to Spanish, but there is one topic that never needs to be translated and that’s whenever people talk about M. O. N.E. Y  (yup money)

she begin to hit me up for money , stating that she was hungry and didn’t want to return to her former life of prostitution in order to get the cash she was in need of. 

I reluctantly decide to go ahead and send her the money, asking well” how much Is it? She states 50 or 80 bucks?

I was blown away at the small amount, thinking she would go higher and start at $500 or so, contemplating deep inside of my mind I used this as an excuse, saying to myself she can’t be a goldigger she’s too cheap, to be one, but boy was I WRONG! 

Once the money was sent, she praised and worshiped me, Papi Gracias for the dinero you sent me, may you be blessed and have good fortune, whoaaa I’m an instant super hero for $80 bucks,

I felt good about this, an threw it to the back of my mind, as two more weeks passed by and once again the same thing, Papi give me more money please?

Now by this time I’m really doubting her intentions but I reason with her, asking why did she need more money and she said she ate all the food, which is pretty damn practical answer, and a damn good reason for why a person would need more money. 

I send her money again for the second time, the praises and gratitude followed, I felt like a super hero once again, over time the cycle continued we would talk, flirting, exchanging photos, with a dash of me sending her money sprinkled in between. 

In conclusion: Over the course of 3 years I lost well over $20,000 (twenty grand) getting suckered by this woman, it got to the point to where I knew all the people at western union by first name basis and when I didn’t send money for 1 week the cashier would ask me where ya been? 

No man wants to admit to falling in love with a hooker let alone admit to sending money to them but it’s something that must be addressed and corrected. Love is never sold and it damn sure can’t be bought either, I learned the hard way.  MORAL OF THE STORY – NEVER DATE A PROSTITUTE.