Kidnapped by The Mexican Mafia? (real trip report)

Trip Report [Tijuana 2018] 

Heading into Tijuana after leaving immigration I was feeling awesome, there’s nothing quite like that walk out of Mexican immigration to find a taxi headed for Pussyland (Tijuana slang for the Red-light district where prostitution is tolerated). 

I made a Rookie mistake from being exhausted, while entering into Mexico a guy asked me if I wanted a taxi, saying to me “taxi amigo, taxi’?
though initially he appeared normal at first I didnt have the energy to focus in on red flags.

Stupidly I responded saying Yes why, not? and this was a big mistake, never the less he then directs me to his car which was parked in an alley, extremely sketchy scenario. The lights flash a couple of times as he hit the button from the key fob which made me feel a little bit better, we approach the car get inside, off to Zona Norte. 

Getting a feel for his driving skills soon struck a thought into my head, “Oh sh#t this dude is nuts”, he is texting while driving, speeding, alongside with taking his hands off the wheel numerous times, Oh lord what have I done? Is this the way it ends for me? American man dies in a Mexican car crash while on a sex vacation? That would make for a pretty Raunchy obituary. 

Luckily for me that wasn’t the case, but I had a bigger issue to worry about, which was NOT GETTING ROBBED? DIOS MIO, the fella looks at me and says 100 dollars for the taxi ride? So, I say 100 pesos? Right, he said no, sorry one hundred dollars. 

CRAP! I am in a tough spot stuck inside a car with a guy who is insisting on charging me $100 for a $5 ride, I knew I was getting screwed being that the legit taxi cab drivers only charge $5 bucks for the same 10 minute trip, I couldn’t believe the BULLS#T he was trying to pull on me,but the scariest part of it all was when he kept saying over and over to me “I don’t work for myself, I have to pay my boss , THE MAFIAOSO?”  and I’m Like come again? The mafia? And he’s like yup I’m an employee of the Mexican mafia and my boss will be really angry if I don’t meet my quota. 

After the mafia talk I became quite motivated to pay my overpriced tab, as I started to look into my wallet and pockets for what money I had on me I showed him 50 dollars in Mx pesos (1000 pesos=50 bucks) and he’s like no, not enough? So, I reach into my pocket again and add a 20-dollar American bill alongside it, and he said OK “that’s fine” with a smirk on his corrupt little douche bag face. 

The worst part of this mini Kidnapping was that the son of a BITCH had the nerve to drop me off on the wrong street blocks from my hotel, saying walk over there and you will find it? I literally wanted to choke this dude, but I was too excited to get ‘THE FUCK OUT OF THE CAR’ as I knew it was all over and the drama was done…. (never use a freelance taxi, no uniform=no business, and only go with yellow and white/orange taxis, which are regulated)