Motoconcho are a crazy way to get around town

So in the DR mainly up in Sosua motoconcho is the prefered method of transportation for the locals and tourist compared to gua gua or public taxi , which aint funky fresh but for damn sure might be funky unfresh, being that they place a large number of people in a tiny ass corola,

It wasnt for me, and I am not knocking it , just am not  going to use it myself in Sosua , maybe else where in the DR (PERHAPS).

Any way , what is a Motoconcho? you ask, well its just a fancy DR Word for a motorcycle ( plus) a guy who will take you any where in Sosua for $50 Pesos DR money which translates to $1.10 USA for a one way, so that means a round trip gone cost you $2 dollars USA to go wherever your headed and back.

Are the motoconchos safe? HEll naw they aint safe. but i dont really mind it, because it feels good to be at one with nature smashing through the streets bobbing and weaving , the kind of stuff that will get that ass locked up in america if you try in traffic. (hehe I make myself laugh)