My Introduction to Sosua Mongering

The reason as to why I’m starting this blog is to create some type of way of building a community of like minded fellas who see life in the same or similiar way as I have grown to see it, mainly the degradation and poor quality of the women in the United States that I refuse to even deal with any more, I’m DONE with them and have been for some time now.

So the main topic VIVA LA DR, Well I made my first trip to the DR (Sosua) in the recent months and have been blown away by the expierience , from the women I met ( not all good) to the beer I fell in love with (EL Presidente)  and so on to things such as the weather and having the beach toward your back an palm trees to the front, you really cant beat  GOOD WEATHER, FINE ASS WOMEN, &   CHEAP ACCOMIDATIONS .

I learned a lot from my 30 day stay in the DR, and a lot of it if not all I will pass on to you the listener/reader/loyal subscriber , the game is to be sold & not told and we all will have to pay a price one day whether good or bad so PLEASE SOAK UP THIS GAME , I’M GIVIN OR MAKE MISTAKES DOING SH!T YOUR WAY.

Jump into my blog read what you have a interest in ask me any question about  Sosua I’ll answer them.