Prepare your mind before going to Sosua


Thinking about sex?

Frankly if the only thing your thinking about before going to Sosua is sex  please  get that out of your head, there are tons of guys who go to Sosua all the time with their johnson dangling out of their trousers and it sets them up for failiar, dont be one of them.


Sosua should be seen more as a place where a man can be a free man , stress is taken away from you and your in a envirement where the people have better things to do than to hate on you or cause you trouble compared to back in the states where we all know every day is like a mid century art of war to live a decent life.


How should one approach the concept of visiting sosua? and what is a mistake i made? well to put it simply, see the women or “chicas” as they are called as car saleswomen, of course they are all out to get paid?


Never heard of free “Pussy” in sosua, so I wouldnt even go looking for it, the women are on the clock, payroll,  ect. who knows how much they care about you or just your wallet?


dont place yourself in this position , remember its your first time there, or maybe second but these women have been doing this sort of thing for years? They know a little something-something about this way of life, what words to use , the sad face, and all the other bag of hooker tricks.


When you visit sosua, try and find a quality woman who really isnt into that sort of scene, the young and wild out-for-a-peso type will get old quick, yes the sex was great her face is pretty, and she got the stank walk that drives you wild, though at the end of the day, you wont be able to hold a conversation with her, or share any of the same views?and shes looking at you like Grandpa, and your only 34?


Yup chicken heads are a totaly different breed, get yourself 2 or 3 quality chicas and kinda settle with that, remember fellas “QUALITY BEATS QUANTITY”.


Lesson Time? (A Mistake I Made) (listen & Learn)


I was chilling a bar in Sosua not bothering anyone minding my business drinking a beer getting my day started when a girl, who was un attractive , overweight, seem to be in here late 20’s and a little dirty/dusty looking walks up to me and asks me if I wanted a massage?

I’m like huh? do I want what? she says in English a massage and explains to me that for only $19.99(she really said 20$) I can get a hour message? My ignorant ass said wow!


ok, you cant beat $19.99 for a hour message, I agree and we head out the bar, which was some of the most embarrassing shit ever because this bitch was tow-back(ugly or unattractive you pick your favorite adjective)  so we finally get outside catch 2 moto conchos because this chick was plus size.

We get to the Casa I pay motoconchos $200 or so pesos, we go into the house , shes like take off your shirt, I do so, then shes like take off your pants I’m like ‘F##k-Outta’ Here , no Im keeping my pants on, this aint gone be no butt naked spa treatment, she asked me like 3 times the same mess, no papi take off pants , so I can message you, i refused she said ok, I laid down and handed a towel, and then she asked me do you want a pedicure or manicure?


I said yes, and the only reason I said yes was because right before I went to the DR that was one of the things on my list of things to do, which was clip my toenails(real talk) my feet was a little rough, and for some reason I never got around to it. SO I agreed she clipped my nails. BUENA FRESH!


Next comes the message, so she starts rubbing oil on me , and to be honest it wasnt the best message ever, though in my head im thinking $20 aint bad for a low quality message so I enjoy my self and dont complain, all the time while getting my back rubbed my johnson gets the nerve to get excited , yup little fella got hard, damn damn damn!


though at this time I’m laying on my stomach so Im not worried, Im like she dont know im swinging for the major leagues(I was definately up to bat), then comes the awful words out here mouth

“Turn over papi” so I can message your chest, reluctantly I do, she starts rubbing my chest then before too long she said ooooh papi your  Dick is hard?? while poking at it?


Im like damn nothing I can do now, so I kinda look away from here , quite awkward , a few minutes later she ask me ” you want finish” Im like huh? so she rephrase the question and says the second time ” you want  to come” (come as in cum).

I say ummm, ok?  then she tells me to take off my pants, up until this point she had me fooled I thought she was a righteous hustler, uuuuggghhhhh Naaaaaawwww that aint what she is, never the less I take them draws off and the wood is sky high

she begins rubbing my thang thang, I started to tell here ” Im bout to cum” get a towel or something, and boom I “arrived” , we clean our self up, im putting my clothes back on and i go grab 1000 peso bill, which is $19.99 as she asked for 30 minutes earlier, Right? NOPE!! wrong, she gives me a extra retarded look and say no too little, I give you pedicure/manicure which is $20, then I gave you message another $20, and then I gave the Hand job which is $60???


Excuse me? thats $100 ?? for 10 minutes of fuckeryy?? she has no shame in her game,

shes like , yup show is! so now im so pissed im like you said $20? and then shes like no $20 for just one thing you added the grande package??

now im extra upset like fuck naw (that was definately my last message in the Sosua area, go to cabarete if you want a honest message) Im looking at here like bishhh please, and she like you gone pay me or what?


I say fuck it here take the money i paid here the $100 and rushed here as to the door like a running back, unlocked my door and was like get cho ass on the road. THat shit kinda hit me hard I was upset for a little minute behind that, being that I was on a budget and that shit wasnt suppose to happen.

WHats the lesson? dont think with the wrong head, if its too good to be true dont believe, it my johnson costed me $100 on a frog ass bitch. Aint worth it , avoid the bull and stay strong in the face of coochie.