Mexico Surprised Me (sex mongering in Tijuana,Mx)

I was pleasantly surprised in Tijuana
I recently booked a 4 day vacay of sex in the infamous Zona Norte aka the redlight district of Tijuana , this was my first trip to the city and didn't know what to expect initially but to my surprise the quality of the girls was perfect in every way , chicks definitely have a classy ora with how they carry themselves and you cant beat a hot piece of p***sy from a young in shape sexy chica if you tried.

Avenue Coahuila is where it all goes down , this is the main strip in the area for all your sexual desires, here you will see chicas lined up

against the wall trying to grab your attention as you pass by them, dressed in the skimpiest of hooker clothing , fish net stockings and mini skirts , lipstick and the whole 9.

The ladies start at just $20 usd and $5 bucks for the room if your interested in the street workers and can go as far as $40 for total

service including vaginal oral and fully nude sex, these chicks are notorious for charging extra for removing their bra or changing positions but at $40 bucks your wish is their command.

Always make sure to negotiate with the ladies before going into the hotel so that everything is understood upfront and there wont be any confusion later on.

My experience was awesome with the SG (street girls) I met one in particular while searching for a atm and as I left the machine to head

back towards my hotel , a pretty young chica struck up a conversation with me by saying “Me gusta chocolate” this kinda was

a real interesting choice of words as I thought to myself as I stood there for a second and promptly responded to her by saying “oh yeah, that’s nice” and before you knew it me and this girl were off to

have sex in a pretty sleek sexy motel which had neon red lights and a very romantic vibe inside of it.

Total cost for this beautiful lady was $40  bucks and she was worth every last penny. All in all Tijuana is worth a visit for every male tourist, because trust me you owe it to yourself.