The cost of hookers in zona norte Tijuana

So, are the bar girls in Tijuana more expensive then the street chicas? HELL YUP!

Yes, they are. In short, the hookers in the clubs will run from $50-$100, with Tijuana’s’ most Infamous Hong Kong Gentlemens Club being the costliest, where the chicas are asking for $100 dollars out the gate and refusing to negotiate, if at all very little (they might knock of 20$ bucks, making it $80 dollars). 

Although to their credit (Hong Kong Gentlemens ‘Club) have some of the most beautiful, & fantastic looking young ladies in all of Mexico working there and money will be very well spent if you choose to do so & practically a bargain compared to the United states, whereas the same type of girl will run you $300+ in Los Angeles.

Word from the wise, don’t spend all your whore mongering dollars in one location, because there are a few more spots   offering a better ‘Bang for your Buck’. My favorite strip club is Club Chicago which is located on the opposite side of the street of the more popular locations.  

Quick description: Club Chicago is a medium size strip joint, more often than not quite packed with numerous ladies walking around in skimpy dental floss underwear showing off what their mamas gave them, A legit eye candy paradise.  

Sex is cheaper in Club Chicago, the going rate is $50-60 bucks to take a girl out of this establishment for sex, and I’m talking about 8’s, 9’s, & plenty of 10’s.  So what exactly makes this club so special, is that the layout is a one level, rectangular shaped atmosphere, allowing you to keep your eyes on 20 plus girls at once and you won’t miss a glimpse at nothing, never. 

Of course, there are more places to test out but I’ll leave that for your private exploration, in conclusion I would advise you start your journey at Hong Kong and take it to Chicago right afterwards, kind of like more “the calm after the storm” effect, Let Hong Kong be your Tequila, and Club Chicago be your chaser.