Trip Report Tijuana (sex mongering)

I love it when I hit San Diego during the morning time, there’s nothing like jumping off the plane in Cali bright eyed and bushy tale before noon, walking out the airport having the sun hug your body.

So as usual I stuck to my normal routine taking the bus from the airport to the train trolley station, and from there riding the Blue line all the way to San Ysidro  ( the town which borders the city of Tijuana, México ) 

After an hour or so of arriving In Cali, I’m gearing up to cross the border into Mexico, I exchange a little money into pesos, Immigration is a breeze, I always cross without a stitch every single time. Once in Mexico I head over to the  cabs located at the very end of the walk way. 

I get into the first taxi available, and the cabby says to me where are you going? I say to him the name of my favorite hotel on the main strip in the infamous Zona Norte. I then hear my cab driver tell his other cab driver friend, quote “Pussyland”  as he giggles , I found this to be quite amusing as well, I guess it’s a joke amongst the cab drivers whenever they take someone to the naughty parts of Tijuana. 

Five bucks was the damage for the 10 minute ride, I pay the fella and head inside my hotel, check in and go up to my room, look out the window at the view,  yeeeaahhh buddy I’m back in TJ, time to go play with the chicas. 

I shower get fresh and so clean, clean outkast style, make my way outside, searching for a taxi, I find one and I’m off to the red light district, which was only 5 minutes drive, once again I pay five bucks or 100 pesos, you can pay in both currencies or in whichever you have on you, but  I prefer to pay in pesos, just makes everything seem cheaper . 

I exit the cab and I’m on the streets checking out all the eye candy that’s for sale, chica after chica lined up against the wall, ooohh laaa  laaa  laaa , ass and tits everywhere, all going for $20  dollars a pop, though I didn’t see any one that I couldn’t resist at that moment,

So I did what any real man would do, I go inside the world’s greatest titty bar The HONG KONG GENTLEMENS CLUB to unwind, proud to be entering these great chambers once again. 

I take a seat on the second level, which is where I love being most of the time, you can look down at the strippers shake their ass and plenty of chicas walk by you showing off their incredible bodies. 

As I’m enjoying the free show of the meat market two young ladies come over to me and say Hi baby, the usually hooker vocabulary Hola , want go with me? Or something quite aggressive to arouse your curiosity about fucking them,  I’m in the club 5 or 10 minutes and I already have two gorgeous light skinned petite mamacitas wanting to take my load, for a nominal fee of course. 

I negotiate with the girls a little as they were asking me $100 each, to which I responded  $80 a piece for a trio (trio=threesome in Spanish) the chicas took 5 seconds in deciding as $80 beats nothing any day of the week, we take off and go outside and to the hotel next door I pay my hooker tax to the doormen, as they want $1 tip whenever you take out a girl from the club, I don’t know why ? But hey I’m never going to let a dollar stop me from getting a   piece of ass ever. 

Now the second ransom has to be paid, the infamous hotel fee, which is around $15 bucks, so after paying it the  cashier hands us some condoms and says which room number we can use, and we are off once again to the final destination, we make it inside the room, and clothes start to come off. 

Out of the two girls one was definitely more talkative, as the other was more shy then her more aggressive friend, I had no real issue with this at the time, Now that the party is getting started, I instruct the girls to play with each other considering this was my main focus for a threesome to primarily just watch them have sex, suck  boobies and spank each other, you know? The usual freaky stuff, but nope, that’s not what I got. 

The chicas were stiff as rocks with each other, barely touching, but all while giggling uncontrollably , this is when I realized these bitches tricked me, they aren’t bisexual at all, and are really fucking grossed out by touching each other, to the point they can’t help but to laugh as it’s comical to them regarding the fact that they are acting, some sort of inside joke, neither the less I say oh well worst case scenario is that I just get to screw two whores without getting to see my lesbian fantasies. 

Eventually the chica who was more aggressive slightly got on my nerves because she would kill my mood, demanding I change condoms every time I wanted to play with the other chica,  oh my gosh. I wasn’t very happy first off, they lied to me about my threesome fantasy with 2 dime chicks being that they are not bisexual but on top of that, secondly, they have too many rules for me. 

I practically just got my dick sucked and called it quits, one of the girls asked if I wanted more time and they was willing to stay until I busted my nut but I refused, and just left. Damage was damn near $200 for an okay blowjob but if I could do it again, I would definitely have taken just the shy girl and left the other one behind.  

All in all, it was an okay time for my first round at buying pussy for the night.  after shaking the two mamacitas lose I headed back to the streets for a street hooker and this time I found one leaning against the wall that gave me a great screw thankfully at last a nut to send me to sleep. THE END jajajaja