What are the prices for chicas in Tijuana?

The NUMBER #1 question asked by newcomers is as follows “whats the going rate for working girls in Tijuana?”  Put simply.  – how much for a ‘bang’ 

~Viva la Putas~

Street Hookers  

They can start as low as $12usd (200 mx pesos)  for basic service (not fully nude) & At the high end a street worker will run you $25, which includes Full nudity,bj, and a fuck. 

Cheat sheet 

$12-$25. USD /  $200-$500 MX Pesos   (street hookers) 

#1 Sh#t to watch for. 

Although the street girls are offering themselves at an hugh discount in comparison to the chicas inside the clubs, you have to remember fellas putas eres putas ( bitches are bitches) and they will hustle you at every chance they get. 

So, first thing you have to watch for is the markup, the chica says one price on the street and once you’ve taken her ass to the Cabana ( Cabana= motel) and start to grabbing at her boobs whilst asking her to show you them  grand’ ole titties she says to you “ sorry fully naked” is more money? 

Yup fully naked sex cost more than half naked sex, which makes no sense but it’s the hustle for many girls in TiJuana, So be sure to ask the chicas before hand if the services will be provided fully naked or will she keep on her bra  before hand. 

Always be direct and clear when speaking to the prostitute by showing them the price you are willing to pay through the currency converter app  (200-500 mx pesos) and ask her if this is ok? once she agrees then proceed to telling her about which sex acts your wanting to receive like anal,bj oral, ect. If she also agrees to this as well , then go bang her – Good Luck.