Why I love mexican prostitutes

It’s no surprise that I’m a former sex tourist if your familiar with this blog by any chance, you probably already knew this, my point here is that I’ve travelled the world seeking to devour women sexually in my past. In the world of pay for play sex, girls come in two categories, pure prostitute and the second class is the world-famous girlfriend experience. 

The majority of men in the lifestyle seek out GFE the girlfriend experience whereas you and the woman make love of some sorts compared to the straight bang job you get from most hookers, it’s more romance and connection involved with this form of prostitution, as a normal hooker wont kiss you but the GFE will, a normal hooker won’t spend the night with you but the GFE of course will at the right price, as nothing is free but the customer service is greatly increased. 

The GFE HOOKER gains many advantages in pretending to be madly in love with the “John” she earns the privilege of being bought gifts and having bills paid by the “trick” sometimes without the presence of sex. 

Mexican women are by far the best in the business at the GFE I’ve come across in my travels, my problems with Mexican women have always been minimal to none, the culture of the Mexicana is quite submissive to the man and she gets hot & extremely passionate in the bedroom. 

From their character as humans to their muy Bonita asses and Grande tits hands down by far they are the number one in respects to giving a man pleasure sexually along with a dose of the girlfriend experience intertwined. 

Considering the sex drive of Mexican women is a healthy one indeed from my research and I’ve done a lot of fucking research (pun intended) in Tijuana in my days, as each time I visit I totally left drained and satisfied as it is now one of my top destinations among many in the world. 

I am dumbfounded whenever I hear guys among the sex mongering forums and other places online talking disparagingly against the body shape of Mexican women, as the stereotype of Mexican women is that they aren’t shaped well? Compared to Dominicans or Brazilians but boy is this a huge falsehood, not only are Mexican women great people and lovers, they also have some of the roundest juiciest bodies on the planet that can get any man into the mood. 

So that answers the question for my top pick of which hookers offer the highest rate of satisfaction guaranteed, simply put Mexican whores rock!